Gaining Combinatorial Effects

As businesses explore new capabilities, some of the DARQ technologies will be more immediately relevant than others. But, just like the social, mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies (SMAC) which have powered the present digital era, it’s the combinatorial effect of the Distributed Ledger, AI, XR and Quantum (DARQ) technologies that will enable businesses to truly differentiate their products and services in the post-digital future.

Wave after wave of new technologies have catalyzed change, offering businesses radically new and enhanced capabilities. Next up? It’s DARQ: distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence, extended reality, and quantum computing.

  • Leverage the combinatorial power of core and emerging technologies on a trusted platform such as SAP’s to drive the most value from adoption.
  • Elevate the experience with SAP C/4 HANA and Rezilyens AI.
  • Activate the future workforce with Intelligent Talent and HR solution, building on the people engagement dimension of SAP’s intelligent suite.
  • Rethink trust and security for today by protecting not just their own organizations, but their entire ecosystems, using SAP’s security solutions.
Gaining Combinatorial Effects

Get Ready for the New Enterprise Reality with SAP Technologies and Rezilyens Solutions!

Rezilyens + SAP provides three essential components to support these calls to action

  • Intelligent Suite
    Intelligent Suite

    This is an intelligent and integrated set of applications that enable you to automate your day-to-day business processes and better interact with your customers, suppliers, and employees. These applications are industry-specific, global, and applicable to enterprises of all sizes.

  • Digital Platform
    Digital Platform

    This enables data-driven intelligence and innovation. SAP Cloud Platform and the SAP HANA® Data Management Suite facilitate the collection, connection and orchestration of data, as well as the integration and extension of processes within the intelligent suite.

  • Intelligent Technologies
    Intelligent Technologies

    Allows embedding of technologies such as IoT, machine learning, distributed ledger and advanced analytics into your core processes and applications to extend their capabilities and to develop new capabilities that drive new business models by industry.

  • Building a Tech-Augmented Future Workforce
    Building a Tech-Augmented Future Workforce

    To find the perfect blend of human and machine capabilities that pushes each to new heights and delivers more than the sum of its parts requires redesigning the technology environment around people (“human- centricity”) and engendering a culture of change and experimentation that enables the workforce to both do things differently and do new things altogether.

  • Putting Trust and Security at the Center
    Putting Trust and Security at the Center

    ERP systems are at the heart of the interconnected business, where the risk exposure is dramatically increasing. It is therefore critical to embed security deeply at every stage of implementation. In all of these, it’s important to remember that security shouldn’t have to come at the expense of customer experience. To be most effective, security must be embedded in the natural flow of the customer journey and appear effortless for the user.

Connected Commerce

Activate connected growth sources with ecosystem partners to create new digital selling models and intelligent omnichannel customer journeys.

  • Leverage new digital selling models leveraging SAP Commerce and SAP Billing to sell services instead of products.
  • Orchestrate ecosystem partners with SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Intelligent Technologies (IoT, blockchain).
  • Provide a superior and personalized omnichannel commerce experience with SAP Commerce and Marketing.
Connected Commerce

Living Marketing

To deliver cost optimization and value realization, focus on providing relevancy with the help of data insights and agile platforms.

  • Turn anonymous visitors into loyal customers with SAP Customer Data Cloud and offer them a hyper relevant customer experience.
  • Manage consent and give data control to customers to build trust.
  • Leverage SAP Marketing Cloud and AI to manage the complexity of hyper- relevant experiences.
  • Enable customer feedback & powerful analytics with Rezilyens Data Platform.
  • Rethink customer value and strategy by tying experience data with operational data, using the unique combination of Qualtrics, SAP C/4HANA and S/4HANA.
Living Marketing

Intelligent Customer Engagement

Transform the customer service experience to drive sales with innovative omnichannel experiences, AI-powered customer engagement, intelligent predictive services and seamless field services.

  • Develop an elite team of skilled experts with SAP Service Cloud (knowledge management, analytics, AI).
  • Develop crowd service capabilities to meet real-time service expectations.
  • Create a unified service experience by tying data coming from different sources and different channels (social, physical, commerce).
  • Deliver the next generation of self- service with SAP Customer Portal (mobile-ready, intelligent bot to guide client).
  • Deploy IoT and predictive service management with SAP Service Cloud and Rezilyens Intelligent Technologies.
Intelligent Customer Engagement

Intelligent Learning Platform

Learning “on demand” to acquire skills in the moment; what you studied is almost irrelevant. Create learning on/off ramps for continuous learning.

  • Use SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management Solution for learning pathways and SAP Intelligent Technologies to connect open online courses, LinkedIn learning etc.
  • Assign learning budgets for employee discretionary use.
  • Product Cataloguing
  • Discover employee interests.
Intelligent Learning Platform

Data Privacy

Implement a proactive approach to collection, use, and retention of data to comply with regulation and prevent data breaches.

  • Assess and monitor your compliance to internal data policies with SAP GRC.
  • Centralize privacy management and distribute responsibility.
  • Leverage the suite of SAP data-centric products to implement dynamic management of data access and classification.
Data Privacy