First, Rezilyens’ insurgent mission (‘why’) is to ‘anti-fragile’ the C-suite problem (e.g.,revenue, profits etc.) leveraging ‘data’ as a key ingredient to enable a differentiated, discrete, dominant or disruptive strategy.

Second, Rezilyens applies its insurgent mission (‘how’) by leveraging its indigenous platform to creatively solve C-suite client problems powered by pure human ingenuity, design thinking AI, Blockchain, IoT, and advanced analytics.

Ranghan Venkatraman (CEO & CTO) in his interview with ‘Banking CIO’ explains that “working at Rezilyens is like Special Forces, we take on projects that others have deemed difficult, impossible or high risk–it’s cool to be Special Forces, but … it’s not for everyone.”

Rezilyens enables Enterprise AI by reimagining digital experiences and redesigning one-way experiences into true collaborations.

New technologies like AI are catalysts for change, offering businesses extraordinary new capabilities.

Enterprise AI Products & Solutions

Rezilyens enables Enterprise AI Products & Solutions enable the following

Building a
Foundation for AI

  • Move beyond automating for efficiency and cost reduction to true growth.
  • Redefine the boundaries of your ecosystem.
  • Begin, then iterate from there.
  • Set parameters for your AI.
Building a Foundation for AI

Dispelling the Moses Myth

Per Ranghan, most managers of companies harbor a deep, dark secret: focusing on having right answers to wrong questions and thereby virtually guaranteeing near 100 percent failure rates.

Innovators betting on “out of the box” thinking or “faster, better, cheaper” innovation paradigms for success all too frequently find themselves— and their customers—disappointed.

Asking “how can we build a better combustion engine?” in an era of electric cars is not a recipe for success. Therefore, the strategic question must shift from “What’s the new value of the innovation?” to “What does our innovation really ask our customers to become?” and, even better, “Who do we want our customers to become?” [HBR, July 17, 2012]. These questions shift the focus from extracting value from customers to making customers more valuable.

Dispelling the Moses Myth