When identifying opportunities, be sure to:

Identify the Value Case – Articulate how AI can enhance and improve the service delivery value chain, from both a user and operational perspective, for example, by remediating current bottlenecks and/or delivering added value.

Human-Centered Design – Employ user-centered and service design to optimize both the end-to-end user journey and human/system interactions.

Define Data Requirements – Determine what data is available for use, how it can be augmented and how it can be safeguarded.

Prototype and Test – Create the technology (preferably, cloud-based) environment and build a minimum viable product to pilot, test, iterate, refine and scale the proposed solution.

Integrate into Operations – Redefine business processes and train users to take full advantage of AI’s contributions; building trust in AI systems is an important change management focus.

Enterprise AI Platform

Real time AI at the Edge

Data has a shelf-life—it’s a perishable asset—and data capture starts at the sensor. Rezilyens.AI factory-ready AI-at-the-Edge appliance can capture high-fidelity data
and intervene in real-time.

Enterprise AI Platform

On-Premise AI Appliances

Run AI workloads on-premise and bridge Edge-to-Private Cloud. Interrupted connectivity to the cloud shouldn’t mean critical data are lost. On-premise solutions drive cloud retrieval prices down and ensure your factory is producing an uninterrupted historical timeline of actions and results.

Causation & Correlation AI Platform

Rezilyens Enterprise AI Platform is petabyte & petaflop compute to power the AI smart factory. Prebuilt Data Connectors ensure all your data, from sensor to ERP, is leveraged by our learning applications for rapid time to value, and industry-leading forecasts.

3D Sensor Fusion Processing

Rezilyens Enterprise AI Platform 3D Sensor Fusion leverages machine learning to power pre-labeling and tooling to produce large volumes of
high-quality training data.

Computer Vision & Classification

Confidently deploy highly accurate models to detect and track objects, predict and plan behavior, classify videos and more.

AI Based Image Processing

Rezilyens Enterprise AI is the most comprehensive annotation platform for image data. Capable of supporting a wide range of annotation types for computer vision, natural language and classification applications, machine learning teams trust Rezilyens Enterprise AI platform to accelerate and ensure the successful deployment of high-quality models.

AI Based Information Extraction

Automatically extract structured text information from unstructured or semi-structured machine-readable content.

  • Document Processing
  • Topic Modeling
  • Product Cataloguing
  • Policy Enforcement
Document Processing

Automatically extract structured text information from unstructured or semi-structured machine-readable content.

Enterprise AI Platform